The Reformation is a progressive rock band consisting of multi-instrumentalists Kyle Brower, Matt Penco, Caroline Schneider, and Dan Miller. Formed in Pittsburgh in 2010, these devoted musicians show their audience why they believe that music is the most powerful form of art.

Although they are fundamentally a bluesy heavy-prog group that incorporates soulful four-part vocal harmonies, their style is an electric and acoustic melting pot. They compose catchy jazz-funk dance tunes and simultaneously utilize the more unconventional elements of psychedelia, atonality, and instrumental improvisations in other works. While remaining progressive, they strive for a commercially viable sound. Because of this, they expose the listener to multifaceted songs with tight, developed musicianship.

​They released their self-titled debut album in 2011 and their second album, Fatal Expectation, in 2013. Their music was put in rotation on 90.7 WWOZ-FM in 2020 and has received additional radio airplay on 88.1 WCRX-FM and 92.1 WPTS-FM. Their third release, the EP Power Trip, will be released October 2 and the lead single, “Ghost House Funk”, will be released August 28.



"From Rush-style prog to operatic rock to psyche-y soul a la 'Ball of Confusion'-era Temps, The Reformation's second release is all over the map, but the band seems comfortable there. [...] Some really good musical moments here, though:  'A Grave Path' may be the highlight of the album, and the spacey noir jazz of 'Fell and Forgotten' is beautiful [...] this band could be onto something." Andy Mulkerin, Pittsburgh City Paper


"I like [the Fatal Expectation] album quite a bit. These guys are pretty amazing musicians and the range of sounds is pretty impressive. [...] However you slice this beast, it’s creative, inventive, and pretty darned cool." G.W. Hill, Music Street Journal


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